The Importance of your Alumni Network

Maintain a lifelong relationship with your Alumni today with the help of hecom's communications platform.

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Connect to your Alumni with hecom

We value creating and maintaining relationships at hecom through our educational communication platform, but these relationships shouldn’t end after graduation. Connecting with Alumni is a great way to offer continuous support to your large network of talented professional contacts who all hold a special connection with your university as graduates of the institution. Reach out to your Alumni with hecom today.

To retain conversations, hecom offer both digital and physical options to build your successful Alumni campaign, where all aspects are covered in house. Hecoms services can facilitate a range of bespoke requests including; your Alumni Census, stay-in-touch mail-outs, Alumni magazines, surveys and more.

The importance of speaking to your Alumni Network

A lifelong relationship:

Alumni provide the best marketing and promotion across their personal and professional networks, benefiting the university’s reputation and level of interest. These relationships should be utilised to increase student requirement for the forth coming academic year.

Boosting student recruitment:

Alumni students can share their experiences with future potential students through their involvement in marketing and events. This first-hand expertise will increase connections with potential students and the university, increasing the likelihood of them applying.

Supporting the ambitions of Universities and Alumni students:

Connecting with your Alumni students will give them an opportunity to give back to their universities, and gain experience from participating in professional mentoring programmes whilst feeling the benefits of providing a role model to others. Many Alumni students won’t be aware of the innovative schemes offered by universities. Increasing marketing for such schemes will increase return on investment opportunities for students and universities, whilst increasing personal development.

Global opportunities:

With the recent increase in international students’ interest in studying in the UK, universities must act now to reach this audience. International Alumni students return home and discuss their experiences with other students. This extends your institutions reach in a more reliable way than an email to a careers officer. The personal touch and first-hand experience will create a level of trust which otherwise is difficult to develop via online overseas recruitment alone.

Hecoms specialist services:

Hecom offer both digital and physical marketing campaign options where all aspects are covered in house. Use these services to reach out to your Alumni students today:

All requirements fulfilled under one roof - hecom provide complete Digital Solutions, Print, Fulfilment & Distribution Services for your communications and marketing campaigns all from our HQ in Bristol.

Boost your overseas Engagement - hecom’s access to postal technology through our award-winning routing service increases your accessibility to reach overseas Alumni.

Secure data handling – data security is one of our core values so you can entrust your data to us, knowing that it is in safe hands.

Expert Knowledge - at hecom we have facilitated communications for the education community for over 25 years. Our experienced team bridges the gap between you and your network of alumni no matter where they are in the world.


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