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Student Advisors FAQ

Why should I register to request prospectuses from you when I am already receiving prospectuses?

Each year higher education institutions distribute their prospectuses in a variety of different ways, by posting them themselves, or by requesting tender for their distribution with one of the available bulk suppliers.

Will I get duplicate orders if I place an order with you as well as other organisations?

NO A university will not choose to be represented by more than one supplier, so having orders with a number of companies will not result in multiple orders being fulfilled.

If I place an order with you will I have to cancel my orders with any existing companies?

NO A university will only choose to be represented by one supplier, so having orders with a number of companies will ensure you receive your order however the university or college decide to send out their prospectus, not duplicate your order.

When do I need to order?

NOW, you need to register an order immediately. Please ensure you register before the beginning of February, or beginning of April, each year to ensure your order falls that year’s prospectus delivery. Registering after these periods will result in your requests falling into the next year’s dispatch.

How do I register an order?

You can use your user ID and password to login online, or register on the web site. If you have any problems contact us for further guidance.

When will my prospectuses be sent to me?

Most prospectuses are printed and sent out in the spring/summer each year.