University Undergraduate Prospectuses: Digital or Physical?

We have investigated the benefits of sending a physical prospectus as opposed to a Digital one. Make the optimal choice with the following insights.

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Why send a physical undergraduate prospectus?

As part of your annual student recruitment campaign, a prospectus is just one of the many features that contribute to the overall strategy. Despite living in a digital world, this piece of literature is still highly influential and should not be underestimated. Moreover, they continue to remain a crucial aspect of a successful education marketing campaign due to the strong student appeal they possess. 

Each year as a university you get the chance to send your undergraduate prospectus on both a local and global scale to attract students. So why not optimise your efforts to answer the needs of your audience?

How does a physical copy compare to a digital one? 

At a time when most information can be sourced at the click of a button, it can be assumed that the paper prospectus has had its day. In particular, this is a common misconception for recruiting Gen Z students. However, with 65% of students stating that they are likely to give print their full attention, compared to just 35% for email, it is clear that printed prospectuses have not lost their value. Therefore, by offering a physical piece of literature, the overall student experience is more positive as well as engaging. 

Although digital channels may be effective in reaching potential students, they are perceived to lack credibility. In addition to this, they are deemed to be less influential and trustworthy in comparison to the traditional hard copy prospectus. 

After collating student recruitment data from 26 sources, YouthSight proved that physical prospectuses are not only widespread, but essential. The data showed that physical prospectuses appear in the top five most influential and used sources by students. 

So, what is it about the paper prospectus that makes it still prevalent and highly influential in today‚Äôs world? 

Already credited for being more reliable and trustworthy, students additionally highlighted the practical benefits which paper prospectuses offer. In particular, this included the ability to read the text more easily, make notes, and to compare different universities more effectively. 

The printed prospectus has stood the test of time and remains to impact overall campaign effectiveness. Therefore, including an authentic, bold and well-structured prospectus as part of your student recruitment campaign is crucial for recruitment success. 

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