Undergraduate Prospectus
Bulk Mailing


With a proven track record, a plethora of resources, and a team of dedicated personnel, we provide the perfect solution for your undergraduate prospectus distribution. Our annual bulk distribution service of undergraduate prospectuses allows you to send your prospectuses to schools, FE colleges, careers offices and libraries and more.

We offer two mailing dates each year. The first one is before Easter and the second is during the summer term to ensure your prospectus reaches your intended audience.

We actively manage our UK and overseas data of schools and advisors, which is key to reducing undeliverable mail packs and provide cost savings. Our schools have named contacts, who have registered online - who build their own detailed prospectus request lists to ensure your prospectuses reach their audience and aren’t wasted.

Cost-Effective Mailing

Our industry-leading mailing expertise ensures we can provide the best balance of price and service.

Efficient Targeting

With our student advisor portal allowing specific selection of prospectuses, it ensures that your prospectuses are being sent to those who want to see them.

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Sustainable Packaging

All of your prospectuses are sent out in 100% recyclable packaging, ensuring that we all contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.

The Process...

The simple way hecom bring students to your campus.



Student advisors and librarians will use our portal to request your prospectuses. We will communicate the number of requests to you, and you will send your prospectuses to our Bristol HQ for the next stage. Based on the requests for individual prospectuses, you decide where and how many copies to send out: one to each contact; alter the numbers to send by region; base the numbers on demand; mix and match criteria by region or type. Leave it to hecom to ensure your prospectuses get delivered to those who want to use them.


Once hecom receives your prospectuses, we get to work consolidating them with other university’s prospectuses (as per the individual pack requests made by school, colleges, libraries etc). Consolidating prospectuses into one pack ensures that we mail your prospectus in an efficient, cost-effective way - enabling us to pass on our industry–leading rates to you. Most importantly, mailing your prospectuses as part of a pack ensures sustainable delivery.


Mailing and Arrival

Advisors, career leaders, librarians will be sent your prospectuses in our fully-recyclable packaging. From there on, watch the students roll in to your open days and the applications flood in.

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